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Petri Dish

Fast Aquaculture Vibrio Bacteria Detection 

Using our AR Biotech ART Kit will make a difference

Challenges Faced

Common bacterial pathogens found in aquaculture causes Vibriosis on fish (hemorrhagic septicemia; signs: fin rot, bleeding ulcer and internal organs). Vibrio at a concentration of 105 CFU/ ml in water causes fatality within 2 days, and 10-50% mortality in the affected population.  

However, the current conventional lab-based method takes approximately 1-2 days from sample to results, and it is at a high cost + high labour intensity.

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What We Offer


On-Site Rapid Vibrio Detector

In collaboration with A*STAR who led the research and development, AR Biotech introduces Onsite Rapid Vibrio Detector - which allows Rapid Vibrio Detection (<30min) on-site, allowing fish/shrimp farmers to obtain Vibrio quantity detection in the water, allowing timely preventive measures to be taken to avoid massive financial losses.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Augmented Reality Technologies with Bio-Technology, bringing forth a whole new world of possibilities.

Latest News

AR BioTech is pleased to announce our together with the support of 3 Local Polytechnics, in Launching the AR Biotech Rapid Vibrio Detector Kit for the Aquaculture Industry

AR Biotech is participating in World Aquaculture Singapore 2022

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