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AR BioTech is pleased to announce our together with the support of 3 Local Polytechnics, in Launching the AR Biotech Rapid Vibrio Detector Kit for the Aquaculture Industry

Angela Cai

30 Nov 2022

AR BioTech, a local biotech solutions provider in aquaculture, will be launching our On-Site Rapid Vibrio Detector at World Aquaculture Singapore 2022.


Vibrio is a commonly found bacteria in aquatic environments that causes infections in fishes and shrimps. Vibrio has been shown to withstand freezing temperatures whilst inhabiting in seafood such as oysters. This renders the food unfit for consumption as it could cause people to suffer from gastroenteritis.


The Rapid Vibrio Detection technology was developed by A*STAR’s Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) and licensed to AR BioTech. This technology uses nano-particle technology that involves formulated nano reagent, detection protocol, and a handheld optical detector, fully capable of detecting the presence of multiple species of  Vibrio.


Compared to conventional sampling processes using PCR or plate count lab-based method, which normally take at least 1 day, the AR BioTech On-Site Rapid Vibrio Detector can detect the presence of Vibrio within 30 minutes. The AR BioTech Detector kit accelerates the detection of Vibrio in aquaculture farm waters in the shortest possible time. The AR BioTech Vibrio detection kit would provide a cheaper and faster alternative in detecting the level of severity of a Vibrio bacterial infection in aquaculture farms and thus enhancing seafood security in alignment with Singapore’s ‘30 by 30’ goal, which aims to produce 30% of its nutritional needs locally by 2030 amidst global and regional challenges.



Mr James Yip, General Manager, AR BioTech said, “Food safety is a critical element and Singapore is highly regarded in food security.  We are glad to work with A*STAR to bring the AR Biotech On-Site Rapid Vibrio Detector to aquaculture business owners both locally and abroad. Our rapid vibrio detection kit would transform vibrio detection in the Aquaculture industry at large towards faster concentration screening on the level of vibrio present thus greatly reduce the risk of vibriosis outbreaks resulted in improving the farming output, ensuring a safer and more consistent of seafood supply.”






About AR BioTech

Inspired by our founder’s bold vision to impact the world, benefit communities, and touch lives, AR Biotech aims to nurture an innovative spirit. We seek out and form strategic partnerships with industries, institutions of higher learning and government agencies to innovate solutions to solve today's common problems leveraging on technology with commitment to improve the quality of life.


Media Contact


Angela Cai

Marketing Manager

+65 8182 6583

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