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On-Site Rapid Vibrio Detector

A*STAR Institute of Material Research and Engineering (IMRE) has developed a Nano-particle technology for Rapid Vibrio detector in aquaculture. Vibrio species are severe bacterial pathogen found in Aquaculture that causes infections in fishes and shrimps. The technology involved a patent-pending handheld optical detector and a Nano-reagent capable of detecting the presents of Vibrio within 30 minutes compared with the conventional sampling process using PCR or similar lab-based methods, which normally take 24hrs or more from sample to results. 

This invention would help to accelerate the detection of Vibrion in Fish and Shrimps farming water, if any, for eliminating the risk of Vibrio bacterial infection in aquaculture farming and enhance food security.


AR BioTech is honoured to work with A*Star to bring the Vibrio Detector to the mass aquaculture market both locally and overseas.   


  • Rapid adoption of advanced technologies:

    • Internet of Things (IOT)

    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    • Feeding robots

    • Sensors

    • Smart Feed system

  • Increase R&D expenditure in Aquaculture


Current Bacteria Detection Methods

2-7 Days


Culture Methods:

- In lab settings

- Unable to detect unculturable species

- Requires a trained personal

18-44 Hours with pre-treatment

Molecular Methods: 

- PCR (e.g BAX, 44 Hours needed)

- 3M Molecular Detection System (cell lysis at 100 Degree

  Celcius, isothermal amplification, DNA cleavage enzyme

Unmet Needs:

  • Rapid

  • Low Cost

  • Portable for on-site detection

  • Automated for continuous measurement

cultured water 5.png

Industrial Water Cultured in Nutrient Agar (Day 5)


<30 min, no pretreatment, enzyme free; portable for on-site and on-demand applications.

Whole cell detection: Bacteria detection using inorganic nanoreagents (TD2018053 and TD2019030)

and a portable detector  (TD2018080) for rapid on-site detection in complex sample matrix.

bacteria diagram.jpg
bacteria concentration diagram.jpg

Current status:

  • Manual operation, validated with environmental water

Future development:

  • NanoReagents for bacteria in plant, soil , water, crop, fish, and food, etc

  • Automated system



  • Advanced onsite bacteria detection tool

  • Transform Aquaculture and improve production outcome with timely bacteria detection

  • Reduce time taken from 2 days to 30min

  • Cost reduction by 50%

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