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Using Augmented Reality (AR) and BioTechnology to make a difference

Smart BioRadar Healthcare Monitoring & Triggering System

On-Site Rapid Vibrio Detector

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What We Offer

On-Site Rapid
Vibrio Detector

Vibrio species is one of the common bacterial pathogens found in aquaculture, and the Vibrio detection will help farms in the early detection of Vibrio to prevent infection to fish and shrimps.

In collaboration with A*STAR who led the research and development, AR Biotech introduces Onsite Rapid Vibrio Detector - which allow Rapid Vibrio Detection (25min) on
site, allowing fish/shrimp farmers to obtain Vibrio quantity detection in the water, allowing timely preventive measures to be taken to avoid massive financial losses.

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Smart BioRadar Healthcare Monitoring & Triggering System

Capturing and monitoring user vital signs e.g. heartbeat, respiration rate. Through medical expertise and AI, we build a Smart Healthcare Monitoring and Triggering System

AI assisted health risk early detection

Integrating AI with medical expert knowledge
establish health risk early detection and warning

Vital sign data monitoring and collection

A Contactless and non-intrusive way of capturing vita signs

Early intervention

Deploying mobile technician or medical team to provide early intervention to user to avoid undesired health risks from occurring

Who we work with

The Possibilities Are Endless

Augmented Reality Technologies with Bio-Technology, bringing forth a whole new world of possibilities.

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